Philip and Mary's house


November 30, 2011

When Philip and Mary Ann’s two children ask for the ‘Arctic Blast’ on a hot summer’s night, they know it’s time to drop their thermostat a half degree. That’s all it takes for the air in their home to quickly reach that ‘air conditioned’ feel thanks to the GeoSmart Energy Premium G forced air unit they had installed in their two-storey home three years ago.

‘Well’, what are you going to do?

Geothermal Drilling, a viable career and business option.

September 1, 2011

When geothermal technology first entered the marketplace in Southern Ontario some 30 years ago, it was understandably embraced by groundwater specialists as a viable way to expand their businesses given the associated demand for open loop water well systems.

Open loop geothermal systems in the purest form require two water wells sharing the same aquifer. The supply well often does dual duty, supplying domestic water as well as supply water to the geothermal heat pump. The clean tempered water is then returned unharmed to the same aquifer via the second water well located some distance away on the same property.  Given the skill sets of licensed water well specialists, they were quick to recognize the increased business potential.

Funeral Home Cuts Utility Bills in Half With Geothermal

October 27, 2010

Original story posted on Monster Commercial:

Monster Commercial learned that Randy Briercliffe, owner of Transcona Funeral Home in Winnipeg, had set up a GeoSmart geothermal system at his business. We contacted him to get some feedback on how the system was working out and how much money he has saved by putting in the system.