GeoSmart Energy Announces Availability of Power-Pipe™ Drain- Water Heat Recovery

June 19, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, ON — Today at their Head Office and Geothermal Resource Centre,
GeoSmart Energy announced the immediate availability of the “Power-Pipe™” Drain-
Water Heat Recovery System to its North American network of Geothermal Specialists.

The Drain-Water Heat Recovery System recycles waste heat from warm drain-water
before it leaves the home.

The Power-Pipe™ is manufactured by RenewABILITY Energy Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario.
Cheryl Marco, President of GeoSmart Energy, said, “The Power-Pipe is a welcomed
addition to GeoSmart’s growing offering of renewable and energy efficient products. It
really compliments the domestic hotwater generator feature found in most of our
geothermal equipment.”

The Power-Pipe™ is a product which recycles enough heat to save up to 40% on hot
water heating bills. Gerald Van Decker, founder and CEO of RenewABILITY Energy
Inc., said, “The Power-Pipe increases water capacity by up to 3 times, while allowing you
to set the water heater temperature lower. The Power-Pipe is made of specially designed
copper coils that wrap around a separate copper pipe which channels warm waste water.
This technology is very affordable and has a payback period of only 2-6 years. It is easy to
install, requires no maintenance, and will last more than 50 years.”

Water heating is the second largest energy demand in the average house. In a 3-person
Canadian home, electric heaters consume approximately 5,100 kilowatt hours per year
(much of this is costly, peak electricity) and natural gas heaters consume 790 m3/year
(which is 29.4 GJ/year).

RenewABILITY Energy Inc. – RenewABILITY Energy Inc. manufactures and engineers
systems for its patent pending Power- Pipe™ in Waterloo, Ontario. The Power-Pipe ™
provides highly efficient Drain-water heat recovery without adversely impacting on water
pressure in homes. The company has offered innovative energy savings solutions in
institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential applications for almost six years.

GeoSmart Energy – Founded in 2005, GeoSmart Energy is the global leader in the
distribution of GeoSmart Energy branded geothermal heat pumps. The company offers
a wide range of products and services related to geothermal and energy conservation,
and distributes its products through a large network of Geothermal Specialists.


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