GeoSmart Energy’s geothermal wrapped Toyota Prius is getting noticed!

May 13, 2011

Cambridge, ON – GeoSmart Energy’s newly wrapped Toyota Prius is really creating a buzz – with the public and geothermal dealers. Ron Vanhevel, GeoSmart’s South Western Ontario, Territory Manager is pleased on how the geothermal wrapped Toyata Prius is a conversation starter.

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“Whether I’m at the coffee shop, grocery store or visiting a GeoSmart Energy dealer, folks seem to huddle around the wrapped car or end up chatting with me as they do a walk around,” shares Ron Vanhevel. “It’s a interesting and useful way to build awareness about geothermal heating and cooling while using the home install graphics to explain how we harness the earth’s energy – all while hanging out at my car.”

Everyone is encouraged to share with GeoSmart Energy when you see any of their wrapped vehicles, including the Community Events Fire Truck, Service Van or Toyota Prius car by “tweeting” or “posting” a message on Twitter or Facebook.

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GeoSmart Energy
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Photos: high resolution photographs of the event are available upon request. 

Media Contacts:

Robert J. Longphee, Director, Communications & Public Relations
GeoSmart Energy
290 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, ON  N1T 1Z6
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