GeoSmart Energy Launches Innovative PremiumV Variable Capacity Inverter Heat Pump

Novemebr 18, 2013  

GeoSmart Energy Launches Innovative PremiumV Variable Capacity Inverter Heat Pump
GeoSmart unveils state of the art 5.3 COP inverter heat pump to Geothermal Specialists at training course in Cambridge, ON.

Cambridge, ON – GeoSmart Energy, a Canadian leader in the geothermal heat pump market, today launched it’s most efficient and innovative product yet. The PremiumV series variable capacity inverter heat pump represents a quantum leap forward in technology integration, efficiency and comfort.

PremiumV-Open-Cab PremiumVWith efficiencies in the heating mode of up to 530%, homeowners can enjoy dramatic efficiency gains over conventional heating and cooling systems. But the real advantage of this new product is comfort. With the ability to soft start, and operate at as low as 20% output, the system scales its capacity up or down based on current weather conditions and the homeowners desired comfort level. The result is a system that operates quieter and at a higher comfort level than ever before.

“I’ve been in this industry for several decades and have never seen such a dramatic advancement in geothermal technology,” says Stan Marco, CEO, GeoSmart Energy. “This variable capacity inverter system is something we have talked about for years as the ultimate geothermal solution; I am pleased that we are one of the first to bring it to market.”

To compliment the new variable capacity inverter heat pump, GeoSmart Energy also launched its variable speed ground loop circulator, and an all new intelligent zoning system that can communicate the comfort requirements of up to 6 independent zones in the home back to the PremiumV variable capacity inverter control system.

GeoSmart Energy’s geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the free and renewable energy stored in the earth. By simply moving heat energy to or from the home and earth through a ground loop system, our systems achieve efficiency levels that fossil fuel furnaces or air conditioners are unable to reach.

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