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PE100 Geothermal Pipe

Premium PE100The most reliable pipe product on the market today is GeoSmart Energy’s PE100 Polyethylene Pipe. Made of 100% virgin high density polyethylene resin, its distinctive green colour is a first in the geothermal industry and a fitting reminder of the eco-friendly role it plays in preserving the integrity of the environment.

Backed by an unprecedented 55 year warranty, our geothermal pipe is setting the industry standard for product excellence in geothermal closed and open loop installation. Homeowners and business owners alike will enjoy years of worry-free, year-round comfort, satisfied in the knowledge that buried beneath the ground is a sound investment in a relatively maintenance-free system.


  • environmental stress crack resistant
  • corrosion and chemical resistant
  • flexible and light weight
  • leak tight due to excellent fusibility
  • long life
  • optimum heat transfer


GeoSmart Energy’s PE100 geothermal pipe comes in three stocking sizes, in conveniently packaged coils or straight lengths to meet all your geothermal needs.

View the following for more information about GeoSmart Energy’s Geothermal Pipe.

PE 100 Pipe Brochure


Density g/cm2 (0.959)
Melt Index <0.06 base g/10 min
Flexural Modulus Psi (150,000)
Tensile Strength at Yield Psi (3,500 to <4,000)
PENT Test Hours >10,000
Hydrostatic Strength Classification MRS, 10Mpa @ 20C
Coloured with a UV Stabilizer E

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